Monday, 13 February 2012

Time Out! + Babylopedia

This month my image Fabulous Babylon was featured in the Tel-Aviv edition of Time Out magazine. I still don't know why (alas I can't read hebrew) but this sits kind of well with me, as the whole picture is about chance and the random nature of existence...

A bigger version of Fabulous Babylon can be found on my site and in honour of the image making it into an Israeli magazine, here are some of Babylon's inhabitants all coloured-up, with vital facts about each.

Name: Creeper (Greenus Faceus)

Notes: Endlessly wanders around Babylon gazing at the sights. Extremely docile and thought to be highly intelligent. They can only survive in a poisonous gas they generate within the confines of their protective head tank.

Name: Bubble Cluck (Eggus Roboticus)

Notes: Seemingly useless and brainless robotic chicken that likes to blow bubbles rather than lay eggs. Thought by some to be real chickens in protective suits. Nobody cares enough to investigate further, however.

Name: Light Spiders (Bulbus Legus)

Notes: A walking light source, these creatures can grow up to 18 feet tall. They are the main cause of power outages in Babylon, as they have a fondness for gnawing through electric wiring. They are also the main cause of bath-related deaths.

Name: Guardian of Beth (Pinkus Blinkus)

Notes: A doorman to the temple of Beth, the Snake God. They make great guards as they never sleep and can turn their heads 360 degrees. However, it takes them 10 seconds just to blink and this is when most people sneak past.

Name: Lotto Frog (Croakus Pilotus)

Notes: It is well known that frogs make great pilots, and in Babylon they fly choppers advertising casinos and lotteries. A frog pilot will always go down with his ship, which is pretty stupid really as they come equipped with state-of-the-art ejector seats.

Name: Grumble Grub (Furious Larvus)

Notes: Very angry bug. Compulsive gamblers, they flail their arms wildly and screech loudly when they lose, causing others to flee. They then make off with the unguarded loot.