Friday, 27 March 2015

SUPER HAPPY MAGIC FOREST: Let the Frolicking Begin!'s been a while since I uploaded anything here. But I have been really busy behind the scenes.

Exactly a year ago today I was offered a two-book deal by Oxford University Press following a meeting with them at the Bologna Children's Book Fair, which I accepted. 

Ever since, SUPER HAPPY MAGIC FOREST has pretty much taken over my life. I had an amazing summer last year working on the book. I remember sweaty late nights colouring it up with the World Cup on tv, tablet pen (sometimes a beer) in hand, and the 1975 providing the soundtrack. All the while though, I just tried to concentrate on the book and leave the promotional stuff for later. So here it is.

SUPER HAPPY MAGIC FOREST (yes it has to always be typed in caps) is due for release in September this year. Here's a peek at the cover...

I'm going to be travelling to Bologna in a few days time to help promote the book with the wonderful folks at OUP and also the 2nd book which is currently in development...SUPER HAPPY MAGIC FOREST: SLUG OF DOOM.

Get ready for some serious frolicking action.