Saturday, 16 June 2012

Obliteration Day

This image came runner-up for Ray Gun Press's design-a-desktop competition. Cheers Ray Gun!

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Babylopedia #2

Name: Lotto Bot (Itcouldus beyouus)

Notes: One of many poorly produced mobile lottery units created by the 'Company.' Balls often fall out before they are chosen by the vendor. Countless other tickets are sold on the outcome of these fallen balls.

Name: AV Wyrms (Slugus visualis)

Notes: They begin broadcasting upon reaching adulthood, when their aerials are big enough to attract a signal. They mostly transmit low-brow programming but are valued for their ability to broadcast Babylon's 8th favourite sitcom, "Wife on Mars."

Name: Slurtle (Stickus shellus)

Notes: Their painfully slow movement results in a trail of sticky goo which acts as a vital lubricant in many of Babylon's robots and slot machines. Slurtle herders make a very boring living from this goo.

Name: Babylon Slot Machine DCXVI (Slotus diablus)

Notes: They lurk in dark alleys awaiting drunken victims. They rarely pay out, and have been known to throttle anybody foolish enough to try collecting their winnings.


Name: Garbage Glutton (Gobblus trashus)

Notes: They clean the streets of Babylon thanks to their unhealthy appetite for refuse waste. Their favourite food however is Babylon sponge, a delicacy that grows in the deep sewers.


Name: Hot Wax Bot (Lavus lampus)

Notes: Available in a multitude of colours, how wax bots are highly prized by Babylon club owners for their chill-inducing properties.

Name: Kaka Bird (Poopus predictus)

Notes: It is believed these mystic birds stare into the future and then deposit faeces onto those they have seen to win huge fortunes. Although this theory has never proven, there are always Babylonians jostling for prime position under a Kaka bird roost. 

(Fabulous Babylon can be seen here)