Friday, 10 April 2015

SUPER HAPPY MAGIC FOREST at Bologna Children's Book Fair 2015

I was in Bologna recently for the annual Children's Book Fair with Oxford University Press to help them promote SUPER HAPPY MAGIC FOREST. They were fantastic hosts and I was humbled by their enthusiasm for the book and characters.

This is the front of their stand, with matching zingy carpet...

They had the front cover and an inside spread blown up on the walls...

...and there was SUPER HAPPY MAGIC BUNTING. 

Close-up of the bunting, featuring a happy pixie:

There were also limited edition Matty Long balloons...

OUP let me draw on their walls, and even stood and smiled politely when I told them all the mistakes I had made. 

Also being promoted at the fair was a second book - SUPER HAPPY MAGIC FOREST: SLUG OF DOOM. A mark of evil was inevitably left upon the OUP walls.  

Big thanks to OUP for their hospitality and for all their hard work in promoting SUPER HAPPY MAGIC FOREST. It's going to be out in September this year.