Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Promotional Doo-dads

These are the business cards and postcards from my current round of self promotion. All of them made the trip to Bologna and forced themselves into the pocket/wallets/waste bins of anybody who would take them.

I used Moo.com for the first time (having only used VistaPrint before) and managed to get some pennies off by hunting around online for a voucher code - well worth the effort and it makes sense to save what you can when the costs of self promotion begin to stack up. Their delivery was pretty speedy and while their products aren't the cheapest around, the cost is justified in the paper and print quality. The cards are a decent size and durable. They also allow for an infinite number of designs (front only) and I feel this is ideal for illustrators as it allows us to get a range of work out there and you can choose the card you give out to suit whatever that person may have liked from your folio. Or, get them to choose a card themselves. I tried this at the Bologna Book Fair and it was mostly successful, but occasionally resulted in mild panic and indecision.

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